6m Pro Pole Windsock/Flagpole

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The 6m Pro-Pole is made from 50% carbon fibre which gives this portable flagpole more rigidity when flying larger flags or windsocks that have more wind drag.  The four flagpole sections are colour coded so simply plug into each other to form a strong flagpole with large eyelet at the top – ideal for more professional applications.

To secure the Pro-Pole use just 1 x Super Pole Stake, for windier conditions guylines and pegs can also be attached to an anchor point 90cm from the bottom of the pole

Each of the 4 x 155cm sections of the 6m Pro-Pole pack neatly back into individual protective nylon pockets and tie round. 
  • Manufactured from 50% carbon fibre
  • Colour coded plug in sections
  • Large eyelet in top pole section
  • Supplied with protective pole bag
Dimensions: 6m x 28mm Ø
Pack Size: 156cm x 5cm Ø
Weight: 900g
To fix a telescopic flag pole to the ground using a pole stake
1. Check that there aren’t any underground pipes, cables or overhead power lines then use a mallet to bang a Super Stake into to ground approximately 20cm or 30cm deep.
2. After you have extended the pole and attached a windsock or flag simply slide the bottom end of the pole over the Super Pole Stake.
*Please note: as the 6m Pro-Pole Portable Flagpole is over the standard 1.5m courier package size limit - we are unable to send this item overseas and a £7.99 surcharge will apply to
UK Offshore Isles, Highlands and Northern Ireland