These festival accessories can make your weekend that little bit easier! Check out our festival survival pack with all the festival essentials needed to make it through or our shewee's and whiz freedoms to skip the usual ladies toilets queues and head straight for the urinal!
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Festival Survival Pack
The Funky Leisure Festival Survival Pack contains 8 essential items needed to make it comfortably through a festival weekend all for just £19.99 (saving £6.53)
TravelJohn Disposable Unisex Urinal (3 Pack)
The TravelJohn Unisex Urinal is the festival equivalent of having an en-suite bathroom and lets face it - who really wants to be walking 200m in the rain to the long drop loos at 4am!
Whiz Freedom
Festival Girls, if you want to avoid balancing over those dodgy loos - pee like a bloke with this revolutionary urine director!
Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser - 60ml spray
This handy 10ml marker pen size antibacterial spray has over 80 sprays per pen and is just the right size to fit in a handbag or pocket