EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove
EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove

EzyStove Wood-Burning Camp Stove

Product Code: WS-EZYST-BK01
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The EzyStove Wood Burning Rocket Stove is high-performance wood-fuelled portable camping stove. This festival friendly wood burning stove is easy and quick to light with just a handful of kindling and within a minute you are cooking over an intense heat on the sturdy pot support. This stove combines the warmth of real fire with the convenience of a modern stove.
This high performance stove kicks out over 2Kw of heat, is 3 times more efficient than an open fire and produces only a fraction of the smoky emissions. Cook a large meal with just a handful of twigs and adjust the heat from simmer to intense by regulating the fuel supply.
The stove is a 'rocket stove' design, meaning it uses a clever mix of insulation and air venting to ensure a clean, intense burn. Primary air is drawn in under the fuel, and secondary air (to burn off the smoke) is drawn in over the fuel.  The double-walled stainless steel combustion chamber provides just the right environment for combustion - the stove literally boils smoke out of wood and then burns it!
  • Exceptional multi-award winning patented Swedish design
  • Highly durable - designed for daily use in demanding conditions
  • Lightweight with no ceramic or cast–iron components
  • Less than half the weight of many other commercial rocket stoves
  • High performance, lab-based design with optimized combustion
  • Stable and safe for use with full-size kettles and pans
  • Supplied with fuel shelf, full instructions and 1 year warranty
Weight: (including fuel-shelf): 2.8kg
Height: 26.5cm x 34cm Ø
Output: 2Kw
Time to boil 1L water: 4.5 minutes
Fuel to boil 1L water: 130g
Colour: Black or Maroon Red
Tested using water at 20oC and seasoned pine - time and fuel consumption measured on stove already at operating temperature.
Please note: This stove is designed only for use outdoors or under well ventilated shelters - DO NOT USE IN TENTS or other enclosed spaces.