Festival Flags

Festival Flags have become an iconic part of the festival experience either flying in front of the Pyramid stage at Glasto or simply marking your tent and camping pitch. All our standard flags are 3 by 5 foot and can be attached to a festival flagpole using a pair of flag bungees.
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Pair of Flag Bungees
Flag bungees are the best method of attaching one or multiple flags to a Telescopic Flagpole or Pro Pole.
Streamer Flag (400cm)
Fly these amazing streamers from a kite line or pole8 colours to choose from
Smiley Face Flag
Happy Face
Dove of Peace Flag
The dove from above
Rainbow Balance Banner Flag
Rainbow meets Yin Yang on this 2.4m banner
The Flag of St David
St Davids Cross
Royal Flag of Scotland - Lion Rampant
The Royal Standard of Scotland
The Jolly Roger  Pirate Flag with Red Scarf
Skull and Crossbones with Red Scarf
The Jolly Roger  Pirate Flag with Red Eyes
Skull and Crossbones with Red Eyes
Saint Piran's Flag
The flag of Cornwall
Lancashire Rose Flag
The Red Rose of Lancaster is the county flower of Lancashire.
Smiley Face Banner Flag
2.4m Smiley Face banner
Yorkshire Rose Flag
The White Rose of York also known as the rose argent
Union Jack Banner Flag
A great twist on the traditional flag
Pirate Banner Flag
Skull and crossbones banner flag
The St George's Cross
Flag of England
Republic of Ireland
The Tricolour
English White Dragon
The White Dragon is the foremost symbol of the English
Flag of Canada
The Maple Leaf or l'Unifolié