The eFestivals Gifts for Festivallers section is full of awesome gift ideas for the festival-goer in your life. Cool present ideas and festival camping essentials including portable phone chargers, festival survival packs, funky wellington boots, flagpoles, flags and windsocks… 
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Festival Survival Pack
The Funky Leisure Festival Survival Pack contains 8 essential items needed to make it comfortably through a festival weekend all for just £19.99 (saving £6.53)
Disc-O Frisbee Flying Disc
The light fades through multiple hues!
Shmangle Festival Blanket
The Shmangle Festival Blanket is a large, lightweight, multi-purpose, hooded blanket with a waterproof outer layer and a cosy fleece lining
Lifeventure Stash Belt - Slide Buckle
A money belt is a travel essential for keeping your emergency cash safe and secure
Medium 6m Telescopic Flagpole
Out of Stock
Zombie Biohazard Poncho
Out of Stock
Vampire Bat Windsock
Celebrate the spirit of Bela Lugosi with this spooky vampire bat
Lifeventure Body/Chest Wallet with Dri-Pouch
A discreet body wallet with water-resistant pouch that hangs around your neck
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Whiz Freedom
Festival Girls, if you want to avoid balancing over those dodgy loos - pee like a bloke with this revolutionary urine director!
Evercreatures Cedar Wellies
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Rave Poncho
Vango Galaxy 36 LED Solar Dynamo Eco Lantern
This environmentally friendly LED lantern can be charged via wind up and solar charging as well as 240V mains charging and 12V Car charger.
Snowman Windsock
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