Growers Cup Brew-in-Sachet Organic Filter Coffee - Honduras

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Growers Cup Brew in Sachet Coffee is the simplest way to get great tasting, quality coffee to kickstart your festival weekend. These lightweight and compact CoffeeBrewer sachets have 18g of freshly ground coffee with a filter system providing the same rich taste as a French press.
These sachets simply brew in 2-4 minutes, providing two 150ml cups of coffee easily served using the pouring spout. All Grower Cup Coffee is organic and fairtrade sourced from different regions around the globe for a range of great tastes and flavours.
Hondouran, Lempira Coffee
This coffee has a fantastic sweet aroma of almonds and red berries giving it light and lively nuances with a pleasant sweet chocolate aftertaste.
  • Makes two 150ml cups of premium coffee per sachet
  • Organic and Fairtrade
  • Brews in 2-4 minutes
  • Top 1% of finest coffee
  • Lightweight and compact
Dimensions: 22cm x 20cm x 15mm
Weight: 50g
Volume: 0.3lt
Origin: Lempira, Hondouras