Klenz Festival Shower Towel – XXL

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A Klenz Festival Shower Towel XXL is one of the most convenient ways to get and feel clean at while festivalling. Conventional showers are still very rare at festivals so Klenz extra-large shower towels are like having an en-suite bathroom in your tent.
The individually wrapped towels 120cm x 60cm (4ft x 2ft) size makes it very easy to use and as its fragrance, residue and alcohol free it won’t leave skin sticky or dry.  These strong, biodegradable towels are also Aloe enriched so they’ll leave you clean, soft, fresh and ready for another day of festivalling!
The KLENZ XXL Shower in a Towel was conceived and designed by a US military serviceman who, while on a tour of duty, realized the need for a pre-moistened towel that was large enough and durable enough to provide full-body cleaning. Klenz shower towels are used by U.S. Marines and NASA astronauts.
  • Individually packaged pre-moistened towel
  • Alcohol, fragrance and residue free
  • Biodegradable
  • Aloe enriched
  • Extra-large and super-strong
  • Used by U.S. Marines and NASA astronauts
Dimensions: 120cm x 60cm
Pack Size: 18cm x 12cm x 1.5cm
Pack Weight: 96g
Pack Contents: 1 x extra-large pre-moistened towel