Pocket Flag pole Ground Stake & Storage Bag

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This two piece Pocket Pole Ground Stake is the same length as our standard 1m Flagpole Ground Stake but breaks down into 2 x 50cm sections with connector. Pocket Pole Stakes are supplied with a durable drawstring storage bag to protect your mini flagpole and keep all parts together. The flag pole bag is large enough to fit 2 x pocket poles, 2 x pocket pole ground stakes and 4 x flags into, in turn this compact bag will easily fit into a backpack.
Flagpole Ground Stakes are made from solid GRP with a point at one end and are used to secure flagpoles into the ground so they are freestanding.
  • Strong and compact 2 section stake
  • Durable storage bag for protection
  • Easily fits into a backpack
Dimensions: pole - 100cm x 1.2cm Ø
Pack Size: pole and bag - 64cm x 14cm x 1.2cm
Weight: 180g
Flagpole Ground Stake Instructions
1. Check that there aren’t any underground pipes, cables or overhead power lines then use a mallet to knock the spiked end of the Pocket Flagpole Stake into to ground approximately 20cm or 30cm.
2. After you have extended the pole and attached a windsock or flag simply unscrew the cap from the bottom section and slide over the pole stakes.