Pole Sleeve for Flagpoles

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Why be limited to just one windsock, spinner or banner to a pole. With our flagpole sleeves you can display up to seven or eight from the built in swivel clips! Simply slide the correct length of pole into the sleeve and you have equally spaced attachment points onto which you can clip your spinners or windsocks.

As the top of the telescopic flagpole is quite sharp included is a nylon moulded pole tip protector however if you manage to lose this we recommend you put a square of gaffer tape over the top eyelet to prevent it poking through the flagpole sleeve.


  • Made from heavy duty nylon
  • 5, 6 or 7 Swivel clips
  • Flagpole tip protector

Length: 400cm (5m), 500cm (6m), 600cm (7m)
Weight: 140g