PowerPlus Salamander Solar Torch with PowerBank Charger

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The PowerPlus Salamander combines a powerful 3 Watt Solar Torch with an internal 2,400mAh PowerBank Charger ideal for charging a smartphone when festival camping. This waterproof flashlight can be charged using the integrated 0.25W solar panel with charging indicator or using the micro USB port located in the twist off base.
The lightweight Salamanders 3W LED Torch can be used on a normal or high setting providing up to 12 hours of light on the normal setting. The pre-charged powerbank lithium battery has a standard USB output for charging mobile devices, such as smartphones, hidden in the twist off base which is great for an emergency charge of the festival weekend. With the small 0.25W this torch can be left out during the day to top up the battery so you’re never without power on your festival weekend!
  • Powerful 3 Watt LED Torch
  • 2,400mAh PowerBank Battery
  • 0.25W Solar Panel charger
  • USB output for charging smartphones and mobile devices
  • Mini USB charging for powerbank
  • Normal and high torch beam settings
  • Waterproof to 2 metres
  • Mini USB cable included
Weight: 140g
Dimensions: 15.5cm x Ø4.5cm
USB Charging Time: 5 Hours
Solar Charging Time: 45 Hours
Torch Light (Normal): 12 Hours
Torch Light (High): 7 Hours