Space Savers - Travel Vacuum Storage Bags - 3 pack

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These Travel Vacuum Storage Bags are ideal for reducing the size of bulky items and are also air and watertight, a must have addition for anyone carrying a rucksack – perfect for festival camping, wild camping and world travel.
This pack of 3 vacuum storage bags contains a small, medium and large zipped bag, each vacuum bag has a one way pressure valve which enables air to be squeezed out of clothes and fabrics reducing volume by up to 80%.Compressed items can then be stored in the vacuum bags rolled up or flat, keeping them compact, dry and organised.

  • Stores bulky items into compact pouches
  • Reduces volume by up to 80%
  • One way pressure valve
  • Plastic zip closure
  • Air & water tight
  • Store filled vacuum bags rolled up or flat

Dimensions: Small – 40cm x 60cm
Medium – 50cm x 60cm
Large – 50cm x 70cm
Weight (3 pack): 160g

  1. Place items, clothes etc into bag and close the zip leaving a small gap. Roll up bag towards zip, when compressed fully seal zip.
  2. Now roll up the bag slowly from the zip end to squeeze out the air through the one way seal.
  3. Flatten bag, turn over and repeat the process to completely compress contents.