Trangia 27 1-2 Person Stove - Ultralight Hardanodized 27-7UL/HA

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The Trangia Series 27 Storm-proof Cooker is the perfect stove for one or two people – ideal for wild camping, D of E or a festival fry-up.This reliable, compact stove andpanset takes up minimal space in a rucksack.
The Trangia principle is simple but incredibly effective. The pan is held at the optimum distance over the spirit burner inside a windshield. The windshield protects the burner from the wind but ensures it is well ventilated. All of the heat is directed upwards to the pan so little energy is wasted.
A Trangia storm-proof cooker also has an ecological advantage over gas stoves and multi-fuel pressure burners - the lack of waste, there are no canisters to dispose of and no oily slime to clean away.
1. Works at any temperature and in any weather. In fact, unlike the alternatives, it works well in windy conditions. You can turn the windshield into the wind to increase heat output of the burner.
2. Compact. All of the Storm Cooker Systems and their pans pack neatly into a compact unit.
3. You don’t have to be an expert mechanic to maintain it. There are no moving parts to break, no jets to clean and you don’t need to pump it up to pressurise it.
4. Safe. The stove is less prone to flares than pressure stoves, also the lower windshield makes a very stable base.
5. Clean. Fuel vaporises quickly without leaving a dirty residue. Methylated spirit is a cleaning fluid whereas paraffin is a dirty fuel.
6. Quick and easy to set up. In a typical backpacking situation, one person can put up the tent while another puts the kettle on. This means that you get a hot drink sooner than with a conventional stove which has to be shielded from the weather.
7. Low running cost. When compared with pressure stoves as spares are easily and fully available and there are no jets to clean.
Trangia storm-proof burner with upper and lower ultralight aluminium windshields
2 x 1lt ultralight, hardanodized aluminium saucepans
1 x 18cm ultralight, hardanodized aluminium frying pan
1 x pan grip and a strap
Pack size 18.5 x 10 cm
Weight: 720g
Ultralight Hardanodized Aluminium:
Besides making Trangia windproof stove systems even more resistant to scratching and wear, hardanodizing is a surface treatment that also improves corrosion resistance. Furthermore, the treatment makes the stove systems easier to clean than untreated stove systems. These excellent properties have led to hardanodized cookware replacing the Trangia Titanium and Duossal ranges.
Trangia Windproof Cooker boiling times:
The common way to compare camping stoves is the boiling point for half a litre or a litre of water. Unfortunately, many magazines compare stoves in zero wind conditions. In these conditions the most powerful flame will always win – even if it is inefficiently shielded from the weather.
If you do the comparison in typical windy conditions, then the Trangia spirit burner is actually one of the fastest stoves on the market. A Trangia spirit burner burns for about 25 minutes on one fill. 50ml, of meths (fill well to 2/3 full). This will boil l litre of water in about 10 minutes in all weathers.
When incorporated inside the Trangia windshield all the gas burners are much faster than the equivalent burners on a simple tripod stand. From the result of field tests, the fastest system in practical conditions is the Primus Gas Burner installed inside the Trangia windshield. This takes about 6 or 7 minutes for a litre of water in outdoor conditions. If you use the frying pan as a lid then more heat is retained in the pan.