Trangia Multidisc - Series 25 & 27 (21cm & 18cm)

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The Trangia Multidisc is a lightweight multi-function polymide disc that can be used as a colander, chopping board, saucepan lid and serving dish.  For hard-core wild campers the Trangia Multidisc will also prevent a Trangia stove base from sinking into snow.
The Mutidisc is a must have accessory for the series 25 3-4 person and series 27 1-2 person Trangia stoves as it will also stow neatly inside your cook set and protect non-stick coatings during transportation.
  • Multi-purpose
  • Lightweight & easy to stow
  • D of E recommended kit
Multidisc for Series 25 (3-4 person)
Dimensions: 8mm x 21cm Ø
Weight: 83g
Multidisc for Series 27 (1-2 person)
Dimensions: 8mm x 18cm Ø
Weight: 73g