Vango Tent Porch King Poles (Steel - Pair)

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Vango King Poles can be used to prop open tent doors to create a porch/sunshade or with free standing shelters to create more headroom.  King Poles are supplied in pairs with 2 x plastic ferrules (to protect tent fabric), 2 x adjustable guylines and 2 x 20cm pegs.
These King Poles are also universal so can be used with a variety of tents, shelters and canopies as long as they have an eyelet suitable for the pole tip to go through.  Each pole comes in 4 x sections that are simply sprung clipped together, so if required, the pole height can be adjusted by leaving out 1 or 2 middle sections.
  • Supplied with protective ferrules,  adjustable guylines and 20cm pegs
  • Universal – will fit most eyelets
Dimensions (each pole): 210cm x 11mm Ø
Pack size: 59cm x 5cm Ø
Pole tip: 4.5cm x 6mm Ø
Weight: 1.4kg
Material: Steel