Waterless Festival Wash Kit

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The Funky Leisure Festival Wash Kit is the ideal compact kit for any festival goer, comprising of 7 essential products that will help keep you clean and smelling fresh all festival long! The Festival Wash Kit helps solve the dilemma faced by all festival goers - spend the weekend smelling as dirty as you feel or drag half your bathroom cabinet along with you! This set will have you covered from head to toe yet still slot conveniently in your back pack and all for £19.99 saving you even more on our already well below RRP prices.

Whether it’s keeping your breath fresh with the Smilesaver disposable toothbrushes or keeping the B.O at bay with our Nilaqua Towel Off Body Wash, Shampoo and Conditioner the Festival Wash Kit has it all. This set also includes a Lifeventure Trek Towel (literally small enough to fit in your pocket) and Niquala expandable wipes. Finally we have included a Nilaqua Hand Sanitiser Spray - a must have after visiting a long drop toilet or portaloo on a sunday!! All this comes in a handy medium waterproof pouch to keep your festival gear protected from leaks and spills.

Each Festival Wash Kit Includes:
3 x Smilesaver Disposable Toothbrush
1 x 65ml Nilaqua Towel Off Body Wash
1 x 65ml Nilaqua Towel Off Shampoo
1 x 65ml Nilaqua Towel Off Conditioner
1 x Pack of Nilaqua Expandable Wipes
1 x Lifeventure Trek Towel (Blue)
1 x Nilaqua Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser
1 x Medium Waterproof Pouch

Dimensions: 24cm x 16cm x 4cm
Weight: 450g